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Hi! I’m Jalynn Ponder. The bookkeeping professional with a personality. And, I enjoy taking care of the tasks that you don’t enjoy. My goals are to assist you in keeping your business finances organized and accurate. I do this by entering transactions quickly, which ensures the most accurate statements, and provides the best interpretation of how the business is doing in order to make the best financial decisions for your business.

My ultimate goal is to allow Business Owners to “Relax”, while I take care of their books!

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Jalynn Reshell Bookkeeping Solutions

My vision is to help small business owners eliminate stress in the area of their businesses finances. Many small business owners believe they can’t afford a bookkeeper and try to do it themselves, but the beginning is the best time so it’s done right from the beginning. My goal is the provide affordable and accurate bookkeeping services to small business owners so they can spend more time focusing on the things they enjoy, while still achieving their success goals.

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